FOLEY – The Beulah Heights Park will get new restroom facilities at a cost of $175,000 under a proposal to be considered by the Foley City Council.

The resolution is one of the items on the agenda for the Foley City Council when it meets Monday, April 3. The meeting and work session will start at 4 p.m. at Foley City Hall.

The council is scheduled to vote on a request by the Parks and Recreation Department to approve the planned Beulah Heights Park upgrade project. The project will demolish the existing bathroom building and replace the facility with a prefabricated bathroom building.

The current facilities are old, outdated and in poor condition. The new bathroom building will also better fit the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The budgeted cost of the project is $175,000. That cost includes $141,941.68 for the building. The rest of the approved funds will cover the cost of installation by city crews.

Other items on the April 3 City Council agenda include:

  • A public hearing on whether to declare weeds a public nuisance at a property on South Hickory Street.
  • Presenting the 2022 Foley High School Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools Award.
  • Proclaiming April as Child Abuse Prevention Month.
  • Consider an ordinance to redistrict property owned by 68V Riverside 2022 LLC from light industrial to single-family residential.
  • Consider pre-zoning property owned by Creek Ridge LLC as planned unit development.
  • Amend the Fiscal Year 2023 budget to include miscellaneous expenses, insurance proceeds from Hurricane Sally, land sales and other changes.
  • Accept the FY22 Safe Streets and Roads for All grant award of $108,500.
  • Approve a request to use Aaronville Park as the site of the Stop The Violence Fun Day on April 8.
  • Assist the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce with the 2023 annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. The festival is scheduled to be held May 4 through May 6.
  • Approve the purchase of three 2023 John Deere Gators for residential sanitation, environmental vector control and street maintenance.
  • Approve and memorialize MCS Contracting Inc’s change order for $3,500.00 for the Revenue Office addition project.
  • Authorize the mayor to sign two letters of intent to buy two new garbage trucks at a total cost of $727,946. One truck would be scheduled for delivery in 180 to 240 days. The second truck would be scheduled for delivery in 270 to 330 days.
  • Approve payment for a boundary survey and subdivision from Engineering Design Group and amend the budget for the costs associated with the sale of a four-acre site in the Foley Beach Express Industrial Park.
  • Waive the fees for the use of the Foley Civic Center for a Teen Summit conducted by Foley High School and the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office on May 6.
  • Set a public hearing to consider rezoning property owned by 68V Riverside 2022 LLC.
  • Approve the use of restricted federal forfeiture cash to buy a computerized polygraph instrument and accessories.
  • Install a new street light on South Commercial Drive.
  • Enter into a mutual aid consortium agreement with the Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs. The agreement would allow members to share resources after a hurricane or other disaster. The program is intended to allow communities affected by diasters to receive supplies as soon as possible.
  • Approve an application to the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation Grant.
  • Approve a $9,739 allocation for emergency equipment.
  • Approve the use of Max Griffin Park on Saturday May 29 for the American Legion Post 99’s Memorial Day ceremony.
  • Reappoint Virgil H “Rip” Christensen, Jr. to the Museum Archives Board.
  • Authorize employees to enter property on South Hickory Street to abate a public nuisance.
  • Set a public hearing to consider the pre-zoning of property owned by Creek Ridge, LLC.