FEMA will be at the Foley Satellite Courthouse today (Sept. 28) from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is anticipated to be there at least until Wednesday but will then be moved to Bay Minette on Thursday thru Saturday them moved to Fairhope Satellite Monday – Wednesday. They can assist you in applying for FEMA disaster assistance.

FEMA Assistance

  • Homeowners and renters whose homes were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane XX may be eligible for FEMA assistance, which includes:
    • Financial assistance for temporary housing, including rental assistance and lodging expenses, if your home is unlivable
    • Financial assistance for personal property, medical, dental, funeral, transportation, child-care, moving and storage, and other serious disaster-related needs
    • Financial assistance for homeowners to restore their disaster-damaged home to a safe, sanitary and livable condition

Please refer to the following info for more details.

FEMA Key Messages

Fact Sheet – Individual Assistance