FOLEY – Foley will replace a park trailer restroom with new facilities under items to be discussed at the City Council meeting Tuesday, Jan. 16.

The council will hold its work session and meeting starting at 4 p.m. in the council chambers at Foley City Hall. The meeting was rescheduled from Monday due to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

The council is scheduled to vote on a proposal to replace portable toilet facilities now being used with a restroom and concession building. The proposed cost of the building is $300,000.

Other items on the council agenda include:

  • A public hearing to consider violations of a the lot clearing and weed removal ordinance on Laurel Avenue.
  • Delivering the oath of office to the city’s new finance director/treasurer.
  • Presentation by the executive director of public safety director’s award to Foley  Firefighter David Synder and Firefighter Lee Taylor.
  • Approval bills.
  • Presentation of reports from the Marketing Department, Police Department, Fire Department, Community Development Department and quarterly tax reports.
  • Imposing a temporary moratorium on new above-ground overhead utilities.
  • Approve Sawgrass Consulting’s construction, engineering and inspection proposal for the Philomene Holmes Improvements Project wetlands mitigation credit purchase and to request permission to advertise and solicit bids.
  • Amend the pay classification plan for multiple departments.
  • Authorize Mayor Ralph Hellmich to sign an Intergovernmental Support  Agreement with Naval Air Station Whiting Field and the Department of the Navy.
  • Accept the costs for weed abatement at the corner of Hickory Street and Baldwin County 20.
  • Go to bid to buy a truck for the Parks and Recreation Department. 
  • Approve the retirement of two K9 dogs and declare them surplus to their handlers.
  • Approve the purchase of a K9 dual purpose dog.
  • Approve the National Guard Iraq reunion.
  • Purchase arrow board signs for the Parks Department for traffic control.
  • Donate land for utility easements at Wolf Creek Park.
  • Declare an Engineering Department as surplus.
  • Authorize employees to enter property on Laurel Avenue to abate a public nuisance.