FOLEY – Students walking near Mathis Elementary School should soon have a new sidewalk following action by the Foley City Council.

The council voted to approve a new sidewalk on Ninth Avenue leading to the school. The projected cost of the work is $43,032. Darryl Russell, public works director, said many city sidewalks are funded under the state Transportation Alternative Program.

This project has not yet been granted state funding, but the work is needed.

“This is the sidewalk on the north side of Ninth Avenue from Cedar Street going to the west to the first driveway at Mathis Elementary. It’s next to their retention pond. Supposedly this little section is not covered by the TAP grant and so we need to go ahead and do it,” Russell told council members. “I’ve talked to the principal and she said that it would help now. So I’d like to move along with it and then when the grant ever comes in, we can tie all this stuff together.”

The location is also near Foley High School.

Mayor Ralph Hellmich said city representatives have discussed the project with Baldwin County School System officials.

“They’re fine with us putting the sidewalk there. It will be over on the north side because some kids may not be able to cross over to go down and back over so this will tie it all together,” Hellmich said.

Hellmich said city officials hope to get the project completed this summer. He said Foley officials are working with the Alabama Department of Transportation to have the project funded under state grant programs.

City Administrator Mike Thompson said the project was delayed by the need to get permission from some property owners to place the sidewalk on the route, but the work is ready to move forward.