Alabama will soon get a big payout. The drug company, Endo Pharmaceuticals has settled with the state for $25 million. It was one of the drug manufacturers sued over the opioid crisis. Some of that money will soon become available locally.

The city of Foley, for example, is hearing they may be getting upwards of $30,000 of that settlement. This amount is from one settlement out of many as cities and counties all across the state are all part of a number of lawsuits. The lawsuits claim that between 2006 and 2014, drug manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies inundated every corner of the country with more than 100 billion pain pills.

“States and municipalities are trying to recoup some of the loss that they have incurred from this epidemic,” said Virginia Guy with the Drug Education Council in Mobile and Baldwin County.

The latest to settle is Endo Pharmaceuticals which is settling for about $25 million to the state of Alabama. 60% of that money will go to the state, and 40% will be distributed to local governmental agencies.