One of Foley’s most famous sons sent the Christmas spirit home yesterday with a truckload of gifts for children in the community. Tennessee Titans wide receiver Julio Jones teamed up with two major names in the hip hop music industry, Lil Baby and Polow Da Don, to organize a Christmas giveaway at Aaronville Park in Foley yesterday afternoon.

While Jones and Lil Baby were unable to make the trip they made sure to send along as much of the holiday spirit as they could and Polow Da Don was on site getting the opportunity to share it firsthand. Hundreds of cars lined the streets leading to Aaronville Park as people patiently waited their turn to have their vehicle loaded. The staff was able to keep things moving like a well-oiled machine calling out gender and age range of the toys needed for each vehicle. Bikes, hoverboards, and oversized plush animals were then hurried into trunks and passengers encouraged to have an incredible holiday.

Jones’ brother, Phillip Jones said the semi-truck slammed full of toys was sent with the intent of making sure every child in Foley had the opportunity to have a Merry Christmas.

“My brother just found it in his heart to give back to the community,” Jones said. “We came from here. We know a lot of kids aren’t able to have Christmas. We’re here. We’re having fun. We just want a great Christmas for everyone.”

Foley Police Department was able to assist with the event and help direct traffic flow in order to make sure as many children as possible were able to participate. FPD point person Tony Nelson said it was amazing to see how the children lit up.

“We were really lucky to be able to help these incredible men play Santa,” Nelson said. “We saw hundreds of cars come through with thousands of dollars in toys given away. It was truly inspiring to see.”

The City of Foley wanted to personally thank Julio Jones, Lil Baby, and Polow Da Don for their generosity and giving us all a lesson on the true spirit of Christmas.

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