The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) wants drivers to spend less time at red lights.

As part of a five-year project, ALDOT is synchronizing lights on all state routes across Alabama.

“While all signals on state routes region-wide are a part of the program, US-45, US-90, US-98, and SR-59 in Mobile and Baldwin Counties will receive the updates first as those are the corridors where traffic volumes and congestion are the highest,” said ALDOT in its original statement on the project.

The most recent to be completed is Highway 59 in Foley from County Road 28 to County Road 10. We drove the route Monday afternoon and were briefly stopped at two red lights, but never had to wait for a full light cycle. There are 17 signals total.

Highway 90 through Tillman’s corner is also complete. According to ALDOT, there has been a 50 percent reduction in drive times there since.

During peak travel times, congestion is still expected.

The synchronization should be complete on US-45, US-90 and US-98 within three years, according to ALDOT.