*We would like to take a moment to explain the hurricane cleanup process as we expect it to proceed over the next few weeks. This does not affect your garbage service in the green cans, only storm debris of the following types: C&D (construction type debris), white goods (major appliances), and limbs/yard debris.  Please be aware that no mixed piles are allowed – all item types must be in distinct and separate piles or they cannot be picked up.  Check the following infographic for an example of how debris should be placed.


Foley has hired a contractor that is already actively working with our crews to clear the streets as quickly as possible.  To date, most streets are clear of debris piles that do not have powerline entanglement, but we must wait for the power companies to clear the remaining piles to ensure that they are safe for our workers and contractors to handle.

Over the next few weeks:

Starting Monday and continuing over the next few weeks, the contractor will begin picking up debris.  This pickup will be considered the “first pass”.  We are not able to give you a better estimated date of pickup as there are too many variables, but do not worry if you are unable to have all of your storm related debris out at the roadside for this round of collection, there will be a “second pass” to follow this one.

In about a month:

After the first pass is completed, they will start back over and cover the whole city a second time picking up debris that has been placed at the curb during the interim timeframe.  Please work to have all your items out for pickup for this second and final pass.  If you place items out to the curb after the second pass has been completed, it will need to comply with the City Ordinances for the pile size maximum of 6 cubic yards per week, and the debris size maximums of 6 inches in diameter and 6 feet in length.  If your pile size exceeds the maximum after the second pass, we will have to pick it up and it will incur the City’s standard fees for special pickups.  If the debris sizes are exceeded, you will be required to have it hauled off yourself.

*Garbage pickup began today. Saturday and Sunday pickups are random according to neighborhoods that the sanitation trucks can access. Due to extensive damage on Monday a new garbage pickup schedule will begin to allow the most expedient and efficient pickup. The city will be divided into 4 quadrants, with Hwy 59 and Hwy 98 as the boundaries.  If the road is impassible for large trucks, the city cannot pickup. Do your best to make your can accessible for the truck. The pickup schedule will be in effect indefinitely: On Monday the southeast quadrant (south of 98, east of 59) will be picked up; On Tuesday, the northeast quadrant (north of 98, east of 59); On Wednesday, the northwest quadrant (north of 98, west of 59); On Thursday, the southwest quadrant (south of 98, west of 59). Recycling is suspended until further notice as the company who takes it has extensive damage. Please do not use recycle cans for garbage. Please do not burn garbage.

* With rain comes mosquitos. Foley began mosquito spraying on Friday, Sept. 18, and will continue daily as long as conditions allow.

* The business permitting office at Foley City hall will be open on Sunday from 9 am until 4 pm to allow contractors to purchase business licenses. Contractors must be licensed. Ask for a copy of the contractors license that will include the mayors signature and the city logo.

* Electricity is coming back online with progress daily. Please be patient as local and out-of-town crews are working around the clock to restore power. Thank you to those who are working so hard to get our city back up and running.

* Baldwin EMA shares that a group called Crisis Clean Up connects volunteers who are willing to do work such as debris removal and putting tarps on houses with those who cannot do this themselves. Call 1-800-451-1954.

*VOAD – Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster – would like to help anyone who is interested in volunteering with organizations who need help. Volunteer reception centers will be set up at the PZK Hall in Robertsdale on Monday, and also in Gulf Shores at the Gulf Shores United Methodist Church from 9 – 6 on Monday.

*Please stay off roads if at all possible. We are seeing reports where sight see’ers are hindering utility crews who are working to restore power.

* Again the entire county is under a No Burn Ban. Please do not burn debris or household garbage.