An orange construction fence has been installed west of the Foley Post Office as work begins to create a green pathway connecting Hwy. 98 with the southern section of the Wilbourne Rose Trail. The fencing will close the area to traffic and pedestrians for construction. When complete, a landscaped pathway will replace a section of concrete and asphalt west of the post office.

Once completed, the Wilbourne Rose Trail will stretch from Myrtle Avenue north to Hwy. 98, across Heritage Park, then continue north. There are roses and landscaping along the trail, which is the old railroad bed, as far north as Section Street. The route continues as a multipurpose path to Peachtree Street. From Myrtle Street to Peachtree, the path is 1.7 miles long.

Pavers and other elements used in the park and along the rose trail will be repeated in the new section.  In addition to knock out and drift roses, the new addition will include crepe myrtles, southern magnolia and live oak trees, Encore azaleas, as well as other plants and flowers.