* Tarps, water, ice and MRE distribution

These items will be distributed as they become available at the Foley Soccer Fields off Hwy. 98. Directions: Access Cater Lee Way using either Co. Road 65 or N. Hickory Street, then south on Ralph Schumacher Lane. No access from Hwy. 98. These items will be available for free as long as they last. Distribution will begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 19.

* Commercial sanitation is being picked up on a priority basis (those
who need it first) Friday and Saturday (September 18 and 19). We are working to empty every dumpster – this will take time. If your dumpster is damaged, please email Jamie Smith at Jsmith@cityoffoley.org.

* The City Hall Revenue Department will open Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 19 and 20 from 8am – 5pm issuing business licenses to contractors, businesses and individuals who perform services in the city limits of Foley.
* The city suggests that residents verify that contractors have a city business license before having work done by a company that you do not k is. Please email jlsmith@cityoffoley.org or aallen@cityoffoley.org for more information. Also, you may visit our website for Application for a business license and email the form to us.

Regarding business licensing

PSA: Each contractor, business or individual soliciting business in the City of Foley is REQUIRED to have a business license with the City of Foley.

Business licenses issued by the City of Foley does NOT guarantee the work or job – it simply allows businesses to operate and we have a record of information on the business or individual.

We do NOT require proof of insurance – YOU SHOULD ASK THE BUSINESS/INDIVIDUAL for this information.

Call 251-943-1545 on or after Monday, September 21 and ask for Revenue to verify a business has a business license.